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bengotow says: Wow - this is really impressive. Would you mind if I used this drawing in future marketing screenshots? I'm looking for drawings that show off the capabilities of the app, and I think this would be great. The screenshots currently on the App Store are my own work, and they're pretty terrible.. I'd be happy to add your name to the corner of the screenshot. I can also send you a NetSketch t-shirt if you'd like! Drop me an email at if you're interested, or just leave a comment on here. Thanks!
(1 decade ago)

l0k1 says: wow, indeed.
(1 decade ago)

ferretboy54 says: This drawin pwnd me and all noobs
(1 decade ago)

cat1498 says: Nice
(9 years ago)

crazyjojo says: Dang u r awesome
(9 years ago)


Uploaded by hidekaz 1 decade ago.
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