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l0k1 says: awesome
(1 decade ago) says: Thank you! Saw this fish in a photo from my SCUBA Magazine.
(1 decade ago)

theodore says: Great job man - I can sympathize with the time it takes to draw all those tiny lines :) Love your stuff!
(1 decade ago) says: thanks, theodore. i like trying a new medium like this...this takes kindergarten finger-painting to a whole new level! LOL.
(1 decade ago)

keniarts says: Great work! Looks like you're also good in traditional media.
(1 decade ago) says: much appreciation for the comment, keniarts!
(1 decade ago)

keniarts says: Hi Friend, Haven't seen anything new from you recently, but I hope to. I included Fish on my site: Hope you don't mind.
(1 decade ago) says: thanks for checking-in, keniarts. i don't mind being on your site. let me know when it's posted:) i hope to create something new soon...unfortunately my architectural world has fully consumed my time recently.
(1 decade ago)

ballin261 says: ouu man u professional Brilliant
(1 decade ago)

ballin says: can i draw in my pc too ??
(1 decade ago)

bella-boo says: Wow dude I can only imagine how long it takes to draw all that!!!!
(9 years ago)


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