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bmoo235 says: glad to see you're back. Keep up the good work.
(1 decade ago)

keniarts says: Thanks, Been kinda busy.
(1 decade ago)

alexandria says: Absolutely in love with your artwork. Amazing technique! I'm assuming you do watercolour/oil as well
(1 decade ago)

keniarts says: Thanks Alexandria. Yes, I do other media. Check my site at and click on the 'Gallery' link to se more.
(1 decade ago)

unown says: Nice copy of a drawing.
(1 decade ago)

footie13 says: Amazed me!
(1 decade ago)

doodleartist101 says: Wow you are really good! I especially love how the outline isn't just a dull black color, like you see in most artwork, but instead, it has a reddish orange outline that goes perfectly with the colors in the drawings. Keep up the good work!
(9 years ago)

keniarts says: Thanks doodleartist101.
(9 years ago)

lavaliam says: WOW
(8 years ago)

Altadena Library 3

Uploaded by KeniArts 1 decade ago.
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